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Shoot Diary: Mellah, "Family Fun"

Let's talk about a totally crazy, really ambitious video, shot in just one day.

Mellah is a recent signing to Columbia. He not only brought the music, but came with an extremely clear view of the video concept. Time to make it happen...

So, Kennington Film Studios, 8am. The clock is ticking on this tight deadline.

Mellah wanted to be true to the vision of an '90s game show, so we shot the entire video on a vintage tube camera, hired from the experts at Golden Age TV. It gave the video a really beautiful timbre, and some extra nostalgia points.

You might spot Josh, the artist manager, who stood in as an on-the-spot extra. He can be seen showcasing some of the prizes on offer in the game show. He didn't know that he would be doing it until 10 minutes before. What a natural.

However, the crew were all stars in my eyes. Hats off to our art director, Xander Mitchell, for patiently filling up the cash grab booth after every run. No one realised just how much fun a life-sized grab-a-grand machine would be, and the cast were having too much fun in there.

It's a wonder how we managed it, with all of that gold and silver foil blown into every crevice of the studio, but we wrapped and cleared on time.

Have a watch - and try telling me you can't feel the good vibes on-set...

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