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Shoot Diary: Milk Teeth, "Transparent"

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Some music vids are all about the song. Some have something to say, too...

'Transparent' has a strong message of female empowerment. Because of this, the band were really keen to champion the strong womxn they knew - so many of the band's personal friends joined us on set.

The graffiti scene was shot in one take. Chris Chance, the director, was keen for everyone to have fun and ad lib, so once the professional graffiti artist had finished painting, then everyone else picked up the can! What you can't see in the video is how the wall looked when we'd finished - more red paint than white :)

Shout out to Chris Chance, director, for his flexibility with an evolving concept and to Ollie Riches and Damian Narbrough for running a slick operation in the lighting department with a small crew.

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